Our Partners

Storng Roots is proud have professional partnerships with sustainability, conservation and primatology organizations throughout the world.

  • Partners In Conservation (Columbus Zoo and Aquarium)…

Founded in 1991 at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Partners In Conservation (PIC) collaborates with partners in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to respectfully help them initiate and implement solutions to conservation problems. While many conservation programs come from the perspective of saving endangered animals and habitats first, PIC approaches conservation in these areas holistically, educating local people about the importance of conservation and giving them alternative means to earn wages that are conservation-friendly. PIC’s fundamental belief is that by helping local populations to better their lives and thrive without poaching or deforestation, these people then are empowered to conserve their wild places. By collaborating with conservation partners who provide local populations with education, skills, and livable-wage jobs, PIC is able to help local people become directly invested in saving their environment, which in turn, helps to conserve gorillas and other vulnerable wildlife in this area of the world.  For more information, please visit: http://contribute.columbuszoo.org/conservation/partners_in_conservation/default.aspx.

  • Zerofootprint Foundation…

Created in 2005, the Zerofootprint Foundation pursues causes that uphold values of sustainable development, risk management, research and advocacy. We work directly and with partner organizations on the ground in Congo to improve quality of life while protecting a unique, natural habitat.  Our current and recent projects include vocational training for women, micro-credit programs, as well as reforestation and biochar.  For more information, go to: www.zerofootprintfoundation.org.

  • Canadian Ape Alliance

The Toronto-based Canadian Ape Alliance was founded in 2000 by Dr. Kerry Bowan, one of the country’s leading bioethicists, as a response to the ongoing bushmeat crisis in Africa. Comprising a small group of like-minded colleagues and friends, the Canadian Ape Alliance is committed to protecting the threatened and endangered great ape populations found in remote pockets throughout the Congo Basin and beyond. While wildlife conservation remains central to its mission, the Canadian Ape Alliance has broadened its mandate over the years. Today, it also reaches out to indigenous human inhabitants through initiatives designed to raise awareness about the plight of forest animals and to provide incentives to curtail the continued slaughter. Members are also directly involved in a large-scale GIS and GPS mapping project, helping to establish an accurate, up-to-date picture of Central Africa’s topography and document the level of biodiversity that currently exists there.  For more information, please visit: www.great-apes.com