To date we have planted almost a million trees around KBNP, reforesting more than 2,000 ha of land. We plant agro-forestry trees with fuelwood species to improve soil conditions, food security, and reduce pressure on the park. With the only increase in Grauer?s population occurring in this region of KBNP, our work proves that agro-forestry is good for people and conservation.

Further south near the Itombwe Nature Reserve, we are entering the second year of our agro-forestry project around the Burhinyi Community Forest. Here our goal is to combine reforestation and agro-forestry efforts with an education campaign to help community members understand the changes in their forest, what is driving these changes, and what they can do to reverse deforestation near their communities.

Along with our tree plantation in Burhinyi, we are also promoting natural regeneration within the Burhinyi Community Forest for forest and landscape restoration.