Strong Roots in the New York Times

Strong Roots is mentioned in New York Times blog “How To Change The World”?by Nicholas D. Kristof:

I have an essay in the New York Times Sunday Magazine about do-it-yourself foreign aid, but I know that it won?t fully answer the question that many readers will have: What can I do? Originally we had a sidebar addressing that question to go with the article, but it had to be cut for space reasons ? and so I?ve found a home for it here on my blog.

So for those who want to do more, here are my suggestions….

Or you can volunteer at a soup kitchen or mentor a child, or find other ways to help. A stay-at-home mom in Colorado, Jenny Murphy, heard about Lisa Shannon (whose work with Run for Congo Women I describe in the magazine article) but isn?t a runner and wasn?t in a position to go off to Congo. But she browsed the Internet and through Facebook connected with a remarkable man in Congo running schools there. Now she is passionately engaged in an organization, Strong Roots, that supports those schools and works on conservation issues around Kahuzi-Biega National Park in Eastern Congo. That?s a reflection of what technology makes possible: a Mom in Colorado giving people hope in eastern Congo.

Please check out?the entire article and more wonderful organizations?here:

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